Hakuna Matata

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"i’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places"

"they say
don’t fall in love
with writers
because their poems
are messy
and their letters
are empty words
dressed up to look pretty
but I say
fall in love with me
because underneath the mess
and in between the lines
is a heart too full of love
that would follow you
to any city"

- c.p (via itsonlyyforever)

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this movie keeps me young

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"Take care of the land…someday you’ll be part of it"
- sign on our hike in Chantery Flats



the starry sky on the himalayas


so so pretty

Crater lake at sunset. I feel spoiled out here.

the best of both


Blue-green eyes (GM)

White blonde hair (KS) 

Perfect straight white teeth (GM) 

Bouncy childish curls (KS) 

Breathtakingly Beautiful (GM) 

Freckles (KS) 

Long Legs (GM & KS) 


Fearless (KS) 

Motivated (GM) 

Confident (KS) 

Logical (GM) 

Impulsive (KS) 

Old-Soul (GM) 

Kind-Hearted and Unbreakable (KS&GM) 

Those are the seven best physical and mental qualities GM and I have. And one that we both share.

 They could have had that. I’ll never know. But that is what I would have wanted for them. The best of both of us. 

Adams Morgan

My favorite thing I loved about that summer was the sunrises in Adams Morgan. They were breath taking…just like GM. Vibrant. Colorful. Full of life. 

After a night full of debauchery up down and around eighteenth street everyone was asleep. As usual. But i had an old friend I had to see, who I greeted every morning. The sun.

 I lived for the sunrises. I sat on GM’s roof time and time again, watching the sun rise, illuminating all of downtown DC. I would dance slowly on the roof by myself, pacing until the sky began to turn from the deep black and blue to a hazy grey, to finally shades of vibrant pink and orange and red and purple

 I imagined everything the sun’s rays touched woke up, shook off the sins and dust from the night before and began again. New. Refreshed. Ready to conquer the world. GM knew I loved the sunrises, so sometimes he would come out and watch them with me. We never spoke, we just drank in the wild air and the silent beauty of the sky together. 
Sixteen year old Katherine Kealani, up way too late, yet up way too early. She had no buisness being on that roof night after night. 

The roof lost its magic after a while. So did GM. 

"It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between."

- C.S. Lewis (via observando)


if I lie here

if I just lay here

I’ll probably fall asleep so leave me alone

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